Reasons to hug your dad on the day after Father’s Day


Yesterday was Father’s Day, and for most of you — being the good little children we know you are — it was the day you took your dad out to breakfast, showered him with praise for his new haircut and helped him with his newest project: remodeling or fixing or painting something. If you’re a true golden child, you may have even bought him a spanking new tie to go along with the Christmas tie, the birthday tie and last year’s Father’s Day tie you got him. Your dad deserves more than a single annual tribute to fatherhood, however. We at the Clog want to remind you of a few reasons you should appreciate your father, even when it’s not Father’s Day.

He would take a bullet (or shoot one) for you. If you are a daughter, chances are, each time you brought a boy home, whether or not the relationship was romantic, your dad was itching to grab his shotgun. If your dad was like some of our dads, he may have literally grabbed it. No matter what, your dad is the No. 1 proponent of your safety and well-being and would gladly take on the job of your own personal bodyguard if the position were available.

He will do almost anything to make you laugh. Whether your dad is the dancing type, the singing type or the crack-jokes-until-they-crack-a-smile type, fathers love to make their kids laugh. They will stop at nothing, throwing dignity out the window and making themselves look like fools in order to brighten your day. In fact, if you pride yourself on your inappropriate joke-telling, it’s likely your own worst jokes may have come from Pop himself.

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