Oprah’s Advice “Summer Activities for Children”


How to Choose Your Child’s Summer Camp:

  • Look for camps tailored to your child’s interests. “The best camps are actually ones that pique the kid’s actual strength and interest, so that it’s not only fun, but they’re going to learn something from it,” Dr. Borba says.
  • Give your children realistic guidelines. If you know you won’t allow your child to go to a camp that is too expensive or dangerous, don’t give it to them as a choice, Dr. Borba says. “Don’t ever give them a choice unless you are going follow through on the choice,” she says.
  • Make a camp budget and stick to it. “Say, ‘Here is the budget we have. Now, let’s look at what the camps are and how much they cost,'” she says. “How great for a kid to flip through a book and choose [a camp] that way.”

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